'Temptation Island's Esonica Veira on Gavin, Kareem, and Finding the Truth Behind Her Relationship

'Temptation Island's Esonica Veira and Gavin Rocker
'Temptation Island's Esonica Veira and Gavin Rocker / USA Network
  • Esonica Veira was ready to take the next step in her relationship with boyfriend Gavin Rocker upon coming onto Temptation Island.
  • The couple decided to see if they were truly meant for one another by joining the dating show.
  • After Gavin toyed with the idea that maybe Esonica wasn't the right woman for him, Esonica found a connection with Kareem Thomas.

We're just one day away from the second part of the Temptation Island Season 2 finale, where the final couples will have their last bonfire ceremonies to decide who they will be leaving with (if anyone). Last week, we saw drama for Kate Griffith and David Benavidez as they parted ways after an intense season, and a happily ever after for Ashley Goldson and Rick Fleur.

As for Esonica Veira and Gavin Rocker, things could really go either way. Although the two didn't have a particularly rocky time on Temptation Island, words were said and connections were found. It seems all but obvious that Esonica will want to leave the island with "sexy single" Kareem Thomas, but we won't know for sure until we see her final decision tomorrow night.

We caught up with Esonica before her final bonfire ceremony to ask about her intentions joining the show with Gavin, her relationship with Kareem, and what she's learned from the process.

Floor8: Before you and Gavin came onto Temptation Island, you were ready for commitment and he seemed less so. What was your dream outcome from the show and did you think what you originally wanted might change?

Esonica: My dream outcome for Temptation Island was to find where I truly needed to be in my relationship, of course. I was hoping for a better outcome than a bad one. I did not think what I originally wanted would have changed but I was open to every possibility.

Floor8: Every bonfire ceremony seemed to show Gavin having fun but not necessarily in any physically intimate situations. Were you nervous to see what he was up to, and did you believe he would remain faithful through it all?

Esonica: In the beginning I was very confident prior to coming onto the show, but I started to feel insecure when I noticed that he mentioned he was unsure that I was the one. Gavin has messed up a few times in our relationship before so a part of me was afraid of what he may do on the island... but the other part of me was confident that he was ready for change.

Floor8: You and Kareem seemed to have had a connection pretty early on but didn’t rush into things. Was there a defining moment when you realized there was a possibility of leaving the island with him?

Esonica: There was not a defining moment for me when I realized that there could be a possibility of leaving the island with Kareem. I am a very emotional person that reacts situationally and in that time and space anything could happen.

Floor8: Your overnight date with Kareem seemed super special. What was your favorite part about it?

Esonica: My favorite part of the overnight date was just having the opportunity to be out of the house and spend some time with someone who understood my current situation. To be with a person who was not judgmental of the type of person I was—to me that was priceless.

Floor8: When you had to say goodbye to Kareem to prep for the final bonfire you started crying. What was going through your head in that moment?

Esonica: At the final bonfire when I started crying, what was going through my head was that I was about to lose a really good friend who helped me through my toughest situation. I was thinking that I would have missed him.

Floor8: Would you recommend Temptation Island to other couples, and if so what advice would you give them?

Esonica: I would recommend Temptation Island to other couples if they are willing to find out the truth about their current situation no matter the cost. The advice that I would give them is to expect nothing and to go to the island with an open heart and and open mind.

Catch the Temptation Island Season 2 finale Dec. 19 at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on USA Network, with the reunion special premiering right after.