'Temptation Island's Medinah Ali Opens Up on Rick Fleur Kiss and Teases What's Coming Next

Medinah Ali
Medinah Ali /
  • Temptation Island's Medinah Ali kissed Rick Fleur for the first time in Season 2 Episode 3.
  • Medinah is a podcast host from Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Rick Fleur came onto Temptation Island with girlfriend Ashley Goldson to see if their relationship could survive the toughest of obstacles.

It only took one bonfire ceremony on this season of Temptation Island to really bring the fire and tension, as the contestants in couples saw one another in rather sticky situations, whether it be getting grinded on by a group of "sexy singles," or full on hooking up with someone in bed. For one of the singles, Medinah Ali, this meant that her chances with Rick Fleur only increased, as he discovered that his girlfriend Ashley Goldson had gotten intimate with another man.

It was obvious Medinah and Rick had a connection from the start, but their budding relationship really escalated in Episode 3, when they officially had their first kiss. We caught up with the 30-year-old podcast host on all things Rick and getting him tempted, where she teased that things are only going to heat up from here.

Floor8: What specifically interested you in Temptation Island? Were you looking for a legitimate relationship or more so just a fun experience?

Medinah: When I was approached to go on Temptation Island I thought to myself, "I already broadcast my sex life on my podcast CockTales: Dirty Discussions... why not go and do it on a major network?” I was definitely looking for a little bit of an actual connection, as well as a good time, though. But when you’re on a secluded island with sexy people like that some fun definitely needs to be had!

Floor8: It seems that you and Rick hit it off from the beginning. What was your first impression of him?

Medinah: My first impression of Rick was what I honestly think most people watching the show thought as well, that we was excited to get away from his girl to test out all of these sexy single ladies in the house. I definitely thought he would be easily tempted.

Floor8: In Episode 2, Rick was in shock after seeing Ashley in bed with KB. How much of what he saw at the bonfire did he reveal to you? And how did you think he felt about it?

Medinah: I knew just by his body language that Ashley probably really f**ked up. Rick did not want to tell me any details and didn't even want to talk to me at all. I kind of forced a conversation out of him because I knew he was upset. I honestly think Rick felt embarrassed and confused about Ashley smashing on the first night. But through all of that he still didn't speak poorly of her.

Floor8: It felt like Rick was giving you mixed signals in Episode 3 as to where he thought things with you could go. What were you hopeful for regarding your connection with him?

Medinah: Rick is a cool guy but, yes, VERY confusing with his signals. I'm a Libra so if we have a connection I like to jump right in and get to the point. Some might say I move too fast but I like to say that I know what I want. I was hoping that Rick would let loose just a little bit and let me help him remember why he came to this island: To meet new people and possibly form a real connection.

Floor8: Did it surprise you when Rick kissed you for the first time? Were you under the impression he would stay faithful to Ashley during the entire season?

Medinah: That kiss definitely caught me off guard! But not because he kissed me—it was the way he kissed me. I like soft, intimate kisses. He grabbed my face, kissed me and then told me to shut up. Watching it on TV was kind sexy but it could have been so much better! I typically get what I want in life and in men so I knew he would eventually do something. 

Floor8: At this point in the season, did you see a real future with Rick, or were you still keeping your options open on the island?

Medinah: At that point i'm NOT sure what I saw in the future but I will say after that first date with Rick and some special moments we had in the house that no one else could get my attention. My options were open but only because I kept telling myself "this man has a WHOLE GIRLFRIEND” to remind myself not to get too caught up.

Floor8: What’s one thing you can tease for the upcoming episodes?

Medinah: Hmmm I love a good tease... I can say this: If the viewers think I was trying too hard to get Rick's attention now, they are in for a treat! The show is called Temptation Island for a reason and I'll continue to do exactly that—tempt!

Season 2 of Temptation Island airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT on USA Network.