'Temptation Island's Rick Fleur on Ashley's Big KB Hookup, Medinah, and Relationship Rules

Courtesy of Rick Fleur
Courtesy of Rick Fleur /
  • Temptation Island's Rick Fleur was shocked to see girlfriend Ashley Goldson hooking up with Kalaan "KB" Brown.
  • Rick and Ashley came onto Temptation Island to test their relationship after facing cheating, trust, and commitment issues.
  • Rick also made a connection with Medinah Ali.

Season 2 of Temptation Island has started off with a bang, as although many of the contestants in relationships have been hesitant to branch out and flirt with the "sexy singles," others are fully embracing the connections they're forming. Emotions were high in Episode 2, with many tears shed by Ashley Howland, Kate Griffith opening up about her previous marriage, and Ashley Goldson getting rather close with Kalaan "KB" Brown. The second episode concluded with the first bonfire ceremony, where the couples got to watch what their significant other had been up to. And for Rick Fleur, what he saw was particularly shocking.

We caught up with Rick and asked about his experience on Temptation Island so far, as well as how he felt seeing his girlfriend Ashley G. in bed with KB.

Floor8: What were your initial thoughts when Ashley suggested you both join Temptation Island? Were you on board immediately or did you need some convincing?

Rick: Initially I was very apprehensive when Ashley first brought up the idea of Temptation Island. I had never watched the show but I had heard of it. It really took a quite bit of convincing. 

Floor8: You’ve made it very clear that you’re afraid of commitment and didn’t seem ready to get engaged to Ashley. Where did you see your relationship going before the show started? Did you have an endgame plan?

Rick: Ashley and I were at a standstill and had hit a plateau in our relationship. I was content in the way things were. But obviously we needed a jumpstart to figure out if we were ready for the next step. I’ve always had my reservations because of my own internal issues. 

Floor8: In Episode 2, it seemed like you and Medinah had a fast connection. How did you feel about her initially, and what did you want to get out of spending time with her?

Rick: Medinah and I hit it off pretty quickly. I really wasn’t expecting to at all. During our first interaction at the singles mixer she really came out of her element and started freestyle rapping—this didn’t make the final cut in the episode. She kind of flopped but that showed me she didn’t care about what others thought of her, and that she’s also someone who likes to laugh and have fun. I just wanted to learn more about her on the first date.

Floor8: When Ashley picked KB for her date, did you feel threatened she might be tempted by him? What were your initial thoughts about him?

Rick: I wasn’t at all threatened by KB. I don’t really know him but he seemed like a chill guy. I’m confident within myself so I’m never the type to hate in the next man to make myself look better.

Floor8: Ashley mentioned in the second episode that she gave you rules, but you didn’t give her any. Did you think she would actually hook up with anyone?

Rick: To be honest I didn’t think she would hook up with anyone. Especially with her long list of rules. Although Ashley hasn’t always been a saint in the relationship, it certainly was unexpected behavior.

Floor8: In the final moments of Episode 2, you saw the footage of Ashley and KB in bed together. It looked as if you had more of a “game on” reaction rather than being upset. What were you feeling when you saw that?

Rick: My initial reaction was SHOCK. I’m still shocked after witnessing it live. It wasn’t a "game on" reaction. There were many emotions I experienced at that bonfire but mainly I was surprised, embarrassed and hurt.

Season 2 of Temptation Island airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT on USA Network.