Kalaan "KB" Brown Age, Height, Job, Instagram: Everything to Know About 'Temptation Island' Star


Temptation Island Season 2 is fully underway, and though we're just two episodes in, the drama has certainly begun. While many of the contestants in relationships seem hesitant to take on the challenge of socializing and flirting with the "sexy singles," others are fully embracing it. Take Ashley Goldson, for instance, who hooked up with Kalaan Brown, a.k.a. KB, in the second episode. The two were drawn to each other from their first meeting, so while we wait to see how their courtship progresses, here's what you should know about KB.

KB Age

KB is 36 years old.

KB Height

Standing on the seriously tall side, KB is 6'5.

KB Job

According to his USA page, KB is a realtor from Long Beach, California. He also, per his Instagram bio, is the founder and CEO of a clothing company called Ego Maniak, which describes itself as, "A brand that embodies self-confidence, growth & dedication."

KB Instagram

To check out KB's Instagram, which boasts 1,086 followers, click here.