'Temptation Island' Star Ashley Goldson Talks Rick, the Premiere, and Her Dream Fairytale Ending

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Another journey has now begun for four couples and a handful of singles on Temptation Island, with the only guarantee for Season 2 being a whole lot of hooking up and likely even more tears. The USA Network reality series returned on Oct. 10, introducing audiences to some cool and confident contestants, along with a few people who aren't so convinced they made the right choice.

If you're unaware of what Temptation Island is all about, here's the gist: Four couples who are questioning their future decide to go on a tropical getaway, except, they're not alone. They must live separately—along with 12 “sexy singles”—to test how strong their relationship truly is. If the words “hot mess” are coming to mind right about now, you're picturing it correctly. But for those who are trying to prove they're right for one another, it might all be worth it in the end.

Many of the couples had their doubts during the Season 2 premiere, with one cast member, Ashley Goldson, even regretting her idea to come onto the show. She and boyfriend Rick Fleur had been dating for over four years, though they split at one point after Rick was unfaithful. Now, upon entering Temptation Island, Ashley wanted to see if her man could truly commit.

We caught up with the courageous 30-year-old reality star to talk all things the premiere, and why she believes the show can save her relationship.

Floor8: It was your idea for you and Rick to come onto Temptation Island. You told him during the premiere that your reasoning was to “make sure [he] was good.” Could you expand on that? What interested you in the TV show particularly?

Ashley: When I told Rick I wanted to make sure that he was good, I simply meant I wanted to make sure he was on his best behavior and 100% invested in our relationship. I watched Season 1 and my favorite couple was Shari and Javen. They had a happy ending and that’s what everyone wants. My idea going into the show was that I would have a fairytale ending, as well.

Floor8: Rick admitted early on in the premiere that he’s a “commitment-phobe,” clearly afraid to get serious even if he is in love. What was your biggest fear in your relationship upon entering Temptation Island? Was it more so the fear of him cheating, or the fear of not ever getting married? Or was there something even scarier?

 Ashley: My biggest fear was always watching Rick fall in love with someone else because at this age the goal is to get to marriage. I didn’t want to see him marry anyone else, not after all we’ve been through. So upon entering Temptation Island, my biggest fear is him walking away madly in love with one of the singles. 

 Floor8: You and Rick have been on and off, with you ultimately deciding to give it another shot. What is it about Rick that kept you coming back? What was different about him to you that made the hardships worth it? 

Ashley: The foundation of our relationship came from a mutual attraction but our friendship is what helped us withstand the test of many disappointments. Rick’s actions made him irreplaceable. He did all the little things that mattered to me and it truly shows he was raised properly. He reads people very well and helped me filter out any bad influences. Although he may have his flaws, Rick is still a great guy.

There are many other reasons why I had my claws in him and wanted no other girl to get a piece of him but you all just have to watch and see what happens... 

Floor8: What were your first impressions of the other ladies in the same boat as you (Ashley, Kate, and Esonica)? Were you able to relate to them right away? 

Ashley: I tried to relate to the other girls right away but it was a little harder. In the beginning I found they had their guards up! They didn’t know me and weren’t as willing to open up. Except for Ashley H. because her and I instantly hit it off. You’ll see, we were silly and spent a lot of time laughing and being foolish. Kate came around and I loved her grace and poise—she became my voice of reason. Esonica you’ll find is extremely talented and the singer in the house. She was tough and the youngest of seven—just like me. We all have a lot in common, I love them! 

Floor8: After the singles were first introduced, we could see you shedding a tear. Can you describe what you felt in that moment?

Ashley: In that moment I realized there was no turning back. I started regretting my decision because I saw there were plenty of attractive girls playing to win over my man. I was actually furious and there was nothing I could do.

Floor8: When you got to speak with Rick on your final night together, you told him you knew he would make a fool out of both of you. What were your worst fears at that time, and what did you imagine he would do?

Ashley: My worst fear was obviously that he’d have sex with one of the girls. Worse, they’d grow attached to him and connect with him in a way that I haven’t. In that moment, I imagined he would have the time of his life. Doing whatever he wants and breaking all of the rules we put in place.

Floor8: In preview for the upcoming episodes we see you getting super flirty. Were you excited to explore other options upon joining the show, or was your plan just to test Rick’s faithfulness? Did you go in thinking you’d end up getting tempted by the singles?

Ashley: I definitely expected to meet other guys on the show and develop friendships but my main concern was whether Rick would remain faithful. I did expect that I would be tempted by the singles but when I saw them, I wasn’t convinced I would connect any of them personally.

We'll have to see in the coming episodes if Ashley connects with any of the singles personally, or if her heart truly does belong with Rick. Temptation Island Season 2 airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT on USA Network.