'Temptation Island's Ashley Howland Talks Ben Connection and Possibility of Leaving With Casey

Ashley Howland and Casey Starchak Temptation Island
Ashley Howland and Casey Starchak Temptation Island /
  • Ashley Howland came onto Temptation Island at the suggestion of her boyfriend Casey Starchak to see if their relationship would last.
  • After many tears were shed, Ashley decided to make the experience about her own self-growth.
  • Ashley found a connection with Ben Knobloch and Casey seemed heartbroken when he saw they had hooked up.

Ashley Howland has had a wild ride on Temptation Island so far to say the very least. The 25-year-old dental assistant from Deland, Florida had been in a relationship with Casey Starchak for a year and a half before they decided to give the dating show a chance. Though Ashley seemed against the whole idea from the start, seeing Casey enjoying his time with the "sexy singles" and seemingly not caring about her at all flipped a switch.

After hearing Casey tell the other girls that he would be "fine" if they broke up, Ashley decided she would use this experience to better herself, and soon found a connection with Ben Knobloch. She ultimately had to choose between him and Deac Conti, but seemed very confident with her decision in Ben.

Things took a turn when Casey watched the footage of Ashley hooking up with Ben, and he immediately broke down. Will Ashley go back to Casey when all is said and done? We caught up with her and asked.

Floor8: It seems you’ve gone through the most internal changes during your time on Temptation Island so far. Before starting the show did you think it was a possibility you wouldn’t leave with Casey?

Ashley: I did have a lot of internal changes for sure and before I started the show I didn’t think it was a possibility at all to leave without him. I honestly didn’t think that anyone else could have gotten in the way of our relationship.

Floor8: It was obviously very upsetting hearing Casey say he’d be “fine” if you two broke up. What was going through your head when you heard that at the bonfire ceremony?

Ashley: When I heard Casey say those things my heart felt like it fell out of my chest and I was so sad. I was broken up about it inside that I thought our relationship was officially over. 

Floor8: It definitely seems like you’ve gotten close with your female co-stars throughout the season. How were they able to cheer you up amid the Casey drama?

Ashley: Of course we are close! We would all just kinda sit around and talk about how we all were feeling. At some times I would go to Ashley [Goldson]'s room and talk to her and same with Kate [Griffith]! I would check on [Esonica Veira] because she didn’t like to talk too much, but I was always worried about how she was feeling.

Floor8: In the latest episode, you have your first kiss with Ben and gush over how no one had ever kissed you like that. What attracted you the most to him and why do you think you two formed such a strong connection?

Ashley: Yeah, I [hadn't] been kissed like that before when I said that. It was just crazy. I think that I loved how he would listen to how I was feeling and actually give me feedback instead of just sitting there and repeating the same thing over and over again.

Floor8: I’m sure you could’ve guessed that Casey would see you kissing Ben during his bonfire ceremony. How did you think he would react?

Ashley: I obviously knew that he was gonna see Ben and I kiss one another and possibly more. But Ben and I didn’t have sex and I knew that’s what Casey was going to think that we had. I knew he was going to be so hurt by it and I felt so bad about it but then again I didn’t at the same time. I thought he wasn’t in love with me. 

Floor8: At this point in the season, were you still holding out hope that you’d leave the island with Casey, or did you give up on that idea altogether?

Ashley: I was kinda thinking that maybe we would leave together but then again I thought that maybe I could see myself with Ben because I was thinking Casey was done with me. I was so sad about it but I knew that I had to focus more on myself while being on the island rather than think about someone else the whole rest of our experience.

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