'Temptation Island's Ben Knobloch Instagram, Age, Job, Hometown: Everything to Know

Ben Knobloch from 'Temptation Island' on Instagram.
Ben Knobloch from 'Temptation Island' on Instagram. /

While some of the "sexy singles" in this season of Temptation Island were quickly eliminated, others have become staples as the episodes progress. One example is Ben Knobloch, who after having to compete against Deac Conti for Ashley Howland's heart, seemingly won the battle. The pair finally had their first kiss last week, and it seems like they could potentially leave the island together. So who is Ben, really? Here's everything you should know about him.

Ben Knobloch Instagram

To check out Ben on Instagram, click his page here. He's also active on YouTube, and you can find his account here.

Ben Knobloch Age

Ben is 25 years old.

Ben Knobloch Job

Per his USA page, Ben has a job as a site supervisor for a security company. In his Instagram bio, he calls himself a "jack of all trades."

Ben Knobloch Hometown

Ben is from Phoenix, Arizona. His Instagram bio also lists California and North Carolina as his locations.

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