'Temptation Island's Ashley Howland Instagram, Age, Job, Boyfriend: Everything to Know

Ashley Howland from Temptation Island
Ashley Howland from Temptation Island /

Season 2 of Temptation Island has proven to be even crazier than the first, with quick hookups, betrayals, and even an almost-threesome. As for Ashley Howland, she came onto the show with boyfriend Casey Starchak, looking to see if their relationship could last despite temptation. So far, it's not certain they'll be leaving together. But as we wait for the season finale, here's everything you should know about Ashley.

Ashley Howland Instagram

Ashley often takes to social media to share sexy photos. To follow her page, check it out here.

Ashley Howland Age

Ashley is 25 years old.

Ashley Howland Job

The reality star has a career as a dental assistant.

Ashley Howland Boyfriend

While we don't know if Ashley and Casey leave Temptation Island still together, they had been dating for a year and a half prior to joining the show after meeting on a dating app. According to their USA page, they chose to do the reality series because, "Ashley has been burned before and is weary of Casey’s party boy past, meanwhile Casey doesn’t want to pay the price for other men’s mistakes and often thinks about the single life he left behind."

On Temptation Island, Ashley has been between "sexy singles" Ben Knobloch and Deac Conti, not sure what she should do because of her loyalty to Casey. However, after seeing during a bonfire ceremony that Casey admitted he would be okay if they broke up, things started changing for Ashley.

We'll see what happens for Ashley when Temptation Island continues every Thursday.