'Temptation Island's Kate Griffith Instagram, Age, Job, Boyfriend: Everything to Know About Reality Star

'Temptation Island's Kate Griffith
'Temptation Island's Kate Griffith / Instagram / Kate Griffith

Just as expected with a reality TV show like this, Temptation Island Season 2 has been full of heartbreak. Beyond initial connections with the "sexy singles" and empowering realizations for a few people in relationships, there's also been many, many tears shed. For contestant Kate Griffith, who came on the show with boyfriend David Benavidez, the experience has been nothing short of devastating, after seeing David with other girls. Here's everything you should know about Kate.

Kate Griffith Instagram

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Kate Griffith Age

Kate is 34 years old.

Kate Griffith Job

Kate and David both worked together prior to Temptation Island, as sales executives at an undisclosed company. They're both from Hoboken, New Jersey.

Kate Griffith Boyfriend

As mentioned, Kate came onto the show with boyfriend David, but after witnessing him getting close to having a threesome, purse Toneata Morgan, and openly makeout with Toneata, one can assume Kate and David are done. Kate has been pursued by Dominique Price, but she's been hesitant to let him in because she wanted to remain faithful to David.

Kate Griffith Instagram: @iamkategriffith

Kate Griffith Age: 34

Kate Griffith Job: Sales executive

Kate Griffith Boyfriend: Kate came onto Temptation Island while dating David Benavidez.

Season 2 of Temptation Island airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT on USA Network.