How 'The Office' Hid Angela Kinsey's Pregnancy for One Season of the Show

Angela Martin actress, Angela Kinsey, from NBC's 'The Office'
Angela Martin actress, Angela Kinsey, from NBC's 'The Office' / David Livingston/Getty Images

In Season 8 of The Office, Angela Martin, played by Angela Kinsey, gives birth to her and Dwight Schrute’s (Rainn Wilson) hefty baby boy Phillip in a surprising turn of events. But it turns out that that Phillip wasn’t Angela’s first pregnancy during the beloved series.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Kinsey was actually pregnant with her daughter, Isabel, who she shares with her ex-husband, writer Warren Lieberstein, during the fourth season of filming. According to the publication, the showrunners hid her baby bump by filming her behind her desk, or behind high cubicle walls. They even hid it behind a swan-shaped ice sculpture at one point in the season.

As you remember, the details of her fictional pregnancy were just as sneaky. Martin is in a relationship with Senator Lipton, and when she becomes pregnant, lies about the timing to say that the baby was premature upon delivery. When Erin, Kevin, and Oscar visit her in the hospital, it is clear that the baby is full term. Dwight eventually finds out the truth that he is actually the father.

Just like everything else on The Office, I’m sure the writers had fun covering up Kinsey’s pregnancy belly in creative and hilarious ways.