Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey Reveal Where They Think Their 'Office' Characters Would Be Today

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Every diehard fan of The Office knows that Angela Martin (played by Angela Kinsey) and Pam Beesly (played by Jenna Fischer) are best friends in real life. But if that wasn't amazing enough, the two actresses are now launching a podcast called Office Ladies, where they recap every episode of The Office and dish on behind-the-scenes stories.

While chatting with Entertainment Weekly ahead of the podcast's debut this week, Fischer promised to provide "Fast Facts," which are essentially three facts about the particular episode, while Kinsey will be blessing listeners with "Kinsey Tidbits." Apparently, she's an expert at remembering weird little moments from each episode.

The two stars also revealed that Rainn Wilson (who played Dwight Schrute) has already "called in" for Office Ladies. Sign me up for all of it.

In a hilarious moment of reminiscing, Fischer and Kinsey discussed with EW where their characters would be now. Obviously, Fischer believes Jim and Pam would still be together with their amazing kids (although Chrissy Teigen just predicted the opposite). The actress added that she hopes Pam got to live out her artistic life, explaining, "I think that’s the one thing that didn’t quite get tied up for her."

For Angela and Dwight, Kinsey imagines a whole bunch of Schrute babies. She stated:

"They have their little Schrute army out on the beet farm. I joke that they’d be great at running a weird, kooky bed and breakfast. It’s not super-comfortable, you have Mose who works there, and it’s just them happily living on their farm with a ton of children."

There's no doubt The Office is more popular now than ever, and we have streaming to thank for that. So what better way to binge watch the amazing series than with the accompaniment of the new podcast to talk viewers through each episode!?

Office Ladies premieres on Wednesday, Oct. 16. You can tune in via Earwolf here, or anywhere podcasts are available.