Quiz: How Well Do You Know 'The Office'?

13th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Press Room
13th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Press Room / Vince Bucci/Getty Images

Although it's been over six years since the final episode of The Office aired, the timeless series gains new fans everyday thanks to streaming and social media. With amazingly cringeworthy characters like Michael Scott and Toby Flenderson, along with the lovable Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly, there's really nothing you can hate about the show. That's likely why it's maintained its popularity, as people just can't stay away from the hilarious situations the Dunder Mifflin employees get themselves into.

But even though you've binged the NBC show multiple times, are you a superfan? Do you remember in which episode every awkward moment takes place, each relationship, and each "That's what she said!" joke?

Be sure to rewatch all nine seasons to brush up on your knowledge before The Office leaves Netflix in 2021, and take our quiz to see just how much you know.