Angela Kinsey Recalls Auditioning for Pam for 'The Office' Pilot

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Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey have been reminiscing about The Office on their new podcast, Office Ladies. It launched this Tuesday and it is seriously the best thing ever, especially with the show always growing in popularity. Fans can tune in to the former co-stars and then watch the exact episode they're explaining. It's a perfect world, really.

It's hard to imagine anyone other than Fischer playing Pam, but Kinsey revealed during the podcast that she actually auditioned for the role, too. According to Entertainment Weekly, she recalled of her audition for the role of secretary, "I wore a pink sweater. My hair down. I was told to look not-too-fancy, so I didn’t too much with my hair and makeup."

The audition was the famous scene where Michael pretends to fire Pam, and Kinsey explained how it went for her, telling Fischer:

"When we got to the point when Michael fake-fires you, you start to cry and you call him a jerk. When I called him a jerk, everyone started to laugh. I thought, ‘I did something wrong. I don’t think they’re supposed to laugh at that moment.'"

Obviously, Kinsey didn't get the role of Pam but she did a pretty fabulous job at playing Angela, making cats and puritan-style sweaters iconic in an office setting.