VIDEO: David Eason Shows Off His and Jenelle Evans' New Puppies After Dog Scandal


While Teen Mom fans try and figure out if David Eason really killed Jenelle Evans' dog Nugget earlier this year or not, the controversial couple is trying to move on from the scandal--and have even bought new puppies.

The pair made headlines in April when reports claimed David shot and killed Nugget, an incident which led to Jenelle being fired from Teen Mom 2 and the parents losing custody of their kids. They were able to get their children back earlier this month, and now, the dog murder itself has come into question.

After reports claimed Jenelle actually made up the whole thing for publicity, the 27-year-old TV personality claimed that was false, however she apparently doesn't know what happened to Nugget. She recently told TMZ that she never asked David what happened to her dog, and doesn't remember what he said in court.

On top of that all, David just took to YouTube to share a new video of their farm animals, including two new puppies, Buddy and Junior. Fans became suspicious that the pair had gotten more dogs after spotting them in the background of a social media post this month.

David explains in the video above that they got the puppies to be guard dogs for their chickens, who are apparently being threatened and attacked by birds. "We have hawks and crows always eating the heads off our chickens and plastic owls are not doing the trick," he wrote in the video description. As expected, he disabled the comments.

The two new puppies are seriously adorable, but we're honestly worried for their wellbeing. Who knows how long they'll last at The Land--but here's to hoping they just remain safe.