Jenelle Evans Breaks Silence on Reports She Lied About David Eason Killing Her Dog

An insane report came out yesterday which shocked Teen Mom fans. Nearly three months after David Eason allegedly shot and killed Jenelle Evans' dog Nugget, the Columbus County Sheriff's Office, per WECT News 6, explained why neither parties would be facing charges--because apparently, Jenelle made it all up.

"Jenelle stated that the reason she filed the animal cruelty report was for the publicity and because she did not know where her dog was," the release states. "The evidence collected indicates that the allegations of animal cruelty were fabricated. Therefore, Columbus County Sheriff’s Office is closing this investigation. No charges will be filed in this case."

Understandably, fans are outraged over this report. Considering that Jenelle was soon fired from Teen Mom 2 after David's alleged actions, followed by Child Protective Services (CPS) removing their kids from their home, this is all just so wild. Why would she lie about it? Meanwhile, some fans are convinced she's just covering for David.

Now, the 27-year-old TV personality is breaking silence on the reports--and she says she never lied. "I never made a report against David in the first place," Jenelle told The Hollywood Gossip. "The cops called me and left me voicemail asking me to call them back about the 'dog incident.'" Jenelle went on to explain what happened next:

"I called back the Chief of Police because he wanted to speak with me the beginning of May 2019. When I called him, before I can even speak, he said to me, 'Mrs. Eason, I need to know the truth about this situation. I have many media outlets calling me about it and I want to tell you right now if this is a publicity stunt you need to tell me because I have other cases including things like rape that I have to deal with. If you are doing it for publicity then I understand and will close the case and you can go about your business."

Jenelle then denied it was for publicity, claiming she really didn't know where Nugget was. She also expressed her anger towards the police involved in the investigation, as she was told the case was over "a month ago." She added, "I honestly think they are doing this for their own publicity because they could have wrote up their 'press release' weeks ago. I’ve never in my life dealt with a police department ever 'releasing a press statement' about their investigations."

So where is Nugget now? That's really all fans want to know, right? Jenelle didn't say, but when asked about the police never finding the body, she stated, "That’s true. They didn’t find anything against me in any sort of way. I never broke the law to begin with." She continued, "You would have to ask David what happened. I was not outside. No more details I want to share, just want to move on with my life. This was an incident that should have never went public to begin with."

Well, that's sketchy.

Jenelle also gave an update on David, explaining, "He completed Anger Management Classes, we did Co-Parenting Classes together, and he stopped posting to social media for a while now. He will use Snapchat here and there but nothing too opinionated anymore. I think he really learned his lesson from all his past mistakes."

It seems like Jenelle and David are trying to force this whole thing to blow over, but without confirmation of what happened to Nugget, we doubt fans will ever forget.