'Teen Mom 2': New Disturbing Details Allegedly Come Out on David Eason Killing Jenelle Evans' Dog

This week has been tough for Teen Mom 2 fans. If you haven't heard the disturbing news, Jenelle Evans' controversial husband David Eason admitted to killing his wife's beloved dog named Nugget. And he's even been defending his actions.

Now, extremely disturbing details about the incident have allegedly come out, according to The Blast. The publication reports that after Nugget snapped at Ensley, as David documented on Instagram, he got up and "slammed" the dog on the ground. "We’re told Eason then began beating the dog inside the house, allegedly hitting it in the throat and throwing the french bulldog into a kitchen table," the site states.

"Eason then picked up the apparently lifeless dog and allegedly threw it out the front door, before walking inside the house and grabbing a pistol and shotgun, and then returning outside," The Blast continues.

After David killed Nugget, he reportedly came back into the house "covered in blood." It's believed no one said anything to him, as Jenelle was so traumatized by what had just occurred. The MTV personality told Us Weekly yesterday that at the time of the shooting, Kaiser and Ensley "were inside and just got done playing," while David's 11-year-old daughter, Maryssa, "immediately went to her bedroom and didn’t come out all night until the next day." Jenelle's son Jace was away on vacation with her mom Barbara.

These grisly details are heartbreaking if true, and we can only imagine the scene Jenelle had to face when her poor dog was murdered. With more coming out on what occurred on Tuesday, we're just hoping Jenelle and the rest of her family are safe.