Someone has come to Jenelle Evans’ defense, and it is the last person you could have anticipated.

Nathan Griffith’s sister, Heather Griffith, spoke to HollywoodLife this week, defending the former Teen Mom 2 star against her brother. Nathan, who is Jenelle’s ex and the father of her son, Kaiser, told TMZ earlier this month that he's going to fight for full custody of the five-year-old child.

Heather explained that she and Jenelle have become friends since Kaiser was removed from her custody in May, and apparently realized that the ex MTV star is a better mom than everyone is making her out to be.

Heather shared, “I think a lot of things have been exaggerated and blown out of proportion… I don’t see her as this horrible, vindictive person that she’s constantly being played out to be. I think she is just constantly under attack and I don’t think that she’s unfit as a parent.”

Kaiser was removed from Jenelle and her husband, David Eason’s, custody (along with their other kids) after David allegedly shot and killed the family dog. Jenelle and David won back custody earlier this month, which led Nathan to speak out against his ex, calling her “outrageous,” and saying that he “would be more fit as a parent.”

To make things even more complicated, reports this week claim Jenelle lied about David killing the dog for publicity. The TV personality has since denied this.

So, how is Nathan responding to Heather’s defense of Jenelle? Heather explained that it has caused some tension between them. "My brother right now, the last day and a half, he’s not been talking that much because he’s upset," she said. "It’s hard because Nate’s my brother and I can never be in her corner, but I can referee and make sure she gets a fair fight."

We will see if Jenelle gets a fair fight if Nathan's case makes it to court.