John Krasinski Reveals One Heartwarming Prop He Still Has From 'The Office'

John Krasinski reveals he still has the teapot from 'The Office.'
John Krasinski reveals he still has the teapot from 'The Office.' / Mike Coppola/Getty Images

As fans of The Office, we can only imagine all the props we'd try to steal if we ever got the chance to visit the set. From Michael Scott's iconic "World's Best Boss" mug, to Dwight Schrute's nunchucks, to one of the many Serenity by Jan candles, the list of things we'd love to collect from iconic episodes is pretty much endless. If you've ever wondered if the actors ever walked away from the series with favorite props of their own, you're in luck. John Krasinski is now dishing on what he still has from his days at Dunder Mifflin, and his reveal is sure to get you in your feels.

Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey enlisted Krasinski for their podcast Office Ladies, as reported by People, and discussed the always heartwarming episode "Christmas Party" from Season 2. Of course, we all know this one is particularly big for Jim and Pam prior to them dating, as it's when Jim buys a teapot for Pam when he gets her for Secret Santa, and includes an extra special letter just for her inside.

When recalling their favorite memories from the episode, Krasinski revealed that someone from the art department actually sent him a handful of props years later. "Phil Shea is the reason I have anything," he explained. "He sent me a box years, like three or four years later, of my bag — yeah, my satchel — my nameplate, and the teapot, bro." Fischer and Kinsey were shocked to hear this, both exclaiming, "You have the teapot!"

Krasinski clearly wasn't aware of how big a deal this was, telling his former co-stars, "Oh man, I thought you knew that."

Fans certainly know how significant this prop is, as it isn't only referenced in the Season 2 episode. Fast forward to the final season, and Jim finally gives Pam the letter he wrote to her all those years ago for the teapot, after their relationship starts to get a bit strained. In a previous episode of Office Ladies, Fischer admitted Krasinski actually wrote something for her in the note, and that they are the only two people who know what it says. She recalled, "I’m on camera, and I open up the note that John had given me, and I just start crying...I’ll never say exactly what John wrote, but just know that it was perfect."

Knowing Krasinski still has the teapot makes this behind-the-scenes story all the more heartfelt! We're sure Fischer is happy to know it's in the best of hands.