Jenna Fischer Reveals What Jim's Teapot Note to Pam in 'The Office' Was Really All About

Jenna Fischer talks that teapot note Jim gave Pam in 'The Office' during 'Office Ladies' podcast
Jenna Fischer talks that teapot note Jim gave Pam in 'The Office' during 'Office Ladies' podcast / Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Out of the many adorable moments we love to re-watch between Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly on The Office, one particular scene from the final season tends to stick out. This, of course, is the when Pam finally reads the note Jim wrote for her all the way back in Season 2 before they started dating, which he had stuck in the teapot he gifted her and at last second decided to remove.

By Season 9, Jim and Pam hit a rough spot after Jim's new company in Philadelphia starts to pick up. As the true romantic he is, Jim decides it's time to give up the note he'd been holding onto all those years, and while viewers don't get to see what it says, the look on Pam's face says it all. Fans have been dying to know the contents of the love letter since both episodes premiered, and Jenna Fischer is now speaking up.

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, Fischer just discussed what was in the note with co-star Angela Kinsey (who played Angela Martin) during their Office Ladies podcast, teasing, "I’m the only one who knows, and John [Krasinski] knows."

Fischer remained tight-lipped on what exactly was written, but she did explain that showrunner Greg Daniels had told Krasinski (who played Jim) to write it as a goodbye to his co-star, as they were filming the second to last episode of the entire show. "I’m on camera, and I open up the note that John had given me, and I just start crying," Fischer recalled, also adding, "I’ll never say exactly what John wrote, but just know that it was perfect."

We might not ever know what was written in that iconic teapot note, neither from Jim or Krasinski, but at least Fischer has proved that it was just as emotional for the actors as it always is for the fans.