Jenna Fischer Compares One Iconic Cold Open From 'The Office' to 'Fleabag' as 'One of the Greatest' in TV History

'The Office' star Jenna Fischer compares cold open scene where Michael Scott burns his foot to 'Fleabag'
'The Office' star Jenna Fischer compares cold open scene where Michael Scott burns his foot to 'Fleabag' / Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

In the hilarious and heartwarming podcast Office Ladies, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey break down each episode of The Office to give fans behind-the-scenes glimpses at the beloved show. This week, as reported by Mashable, the two actresses broke down Season 2, Episode 12, known as "The Injury."

Fans will remember that the episode, which has now reached iconic status within the fandom, is where Michael Scott cooks his foot on his George Foreman Grill because he likes to smell bacon in the morning as he's waking up. After Michael calls the office about his injury, no one volunteers to pick him up except Dwight, who, in his excitement to save Michael, crashes his car into the parking lot fence and gets concussed.

This cold open might be one of the best Office fans have ever seen. While discussing the episode, Fischer made the comparison between this opening and the opening scene of Fleabag Season 2, calling it "one of the greatest scenes in television comedy." Kinsey admitted she hadn't seen the Golden Globe winning show despite Fischer's recommendation, so for any readers who are unfamiliar with the reference, you're not completely alone.

Fischer also let us in on some secret details, explaining that she contacted Rainn Wilson, who played Dwight Schrute, to ask about the famous accident. Wilson clarified that viewers don't actually see the crash, but only Dwight getting out of a banged-up car. One more detail? Wilson used cream of potato soup as the vomit. Never eating that again!

For fans of The Office who might not feel like binging the series tonight like every other night, get on the Fleabag wave! Fischer is just one of the many comedy lovers who's watching.