10 Things About ‘The Office’ You May Not Have Known

I think it is safe to say Dunder Mifflin has officially become the world's most favorite paper company to ever exist. As The Office still continues to become a popular favorite for people across the globe, some like consider themselves experts on all things The Office. But for those who want to really challenge your Office trivia, here are 10 things you may not have known.

10. Bob Odenkirk was almost cast as Michael Scott

Steve Carell had another pilot commitment at the time, and Odenkirk was cast to play the part. Odenkirk was dropped when Carell's pilot fell through.

9. The show was originally developed for FX

The show was originally developed for FX, but they passed because they were too concerned the viewers would have too much loyalty to the original UK version.

8. Jim and Pam were almost an interracial couple

Greg Daniels had the idea that Daryl would have been the better Roy character and that his ex-wife from the show (Erica Phillips) would have played the Pam you know today.

7. Eric Stonestreet was nearly chosen to play Kevin

Hard to believe Brian Baumgartner wasn't always the intended role for Kevin, but Eric Stonestreet almost had him beat. Almost.

6. Dunder Mifflin branches are spread across the Northeast

There are a whole bunch of Dunder Mifflin branches across the Northeast, including one in Yonkers and Nashua.

5. There were several spin-off ideas

The Office's success lead to the idea of multiple spin-off ideas. One idea was Jim and Pam taking the reigns as lead and even a parody of PBS’s An American Family, which would’ve starred Ed Helms and Catherine Tate, who would play Helms’ wife.

4. Parks and Recreation was supposed to be a spin-off of The Office

Parks and Recreation was initially going to be a spin-off of The Office, using Rashida Jones’ Karen as the main character. However, that clearly didn't pan out.

3. Oscar was not originally supposed to be gay

Only a true fan would know if Oscar was gay before Season 3, which came to a surprise to some after Michael Scott’s Gay Witch Hunt.

2. Dwight’s extended family was inspired his actual family

Dwight’s hysterical Amish looking white-trash family, believe it or not, was actually inspired by Rainn Wilson’s family in real life.

1. Dwight’s spin-off, The Farm almost happened

If Dwight's spin-off of The Farm was actually going to happen, Rainn Wilson would have had to leave the show midseason and would have deprived us from the stomach-aching laughs we get from him throughout the entire series.