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Jenelle Evans Says She Wants to Produce Her Own Reality Shows Following 'Teen Mom 2' Firing

Jenelle Evans wants to produce her own reality TV shows after being fired from 'Teen Mom 2' on MTV
Jenelle Evans wants to produce her own reality TV shows after being fired from 'Teen Mom 2' on MTV | Instagram / Jenelle Evans

We all are smart enough to know by now that just because Jenelle Evans was fired from Teen Mom 2, that doesn't mean we'll be seeing the last of her anytime soon.

Since the mom-of-three was dropped from the reality series, she's continued to make headlines nearly everyday, stemming from her separation from David Eason, various pregnancy rumors, and even over a new (and very short-lived) fling. So you don't have to be a genius to suspect other networks will be pursuing the controversial star after her contract with MTV is over this spring, but it looks like Jenelle has her sights set even higher than that—she wants to create her own shows.

While speaking with PopCulture.com, the 28-year-old North Carolina native explained that she actually has many ideas for producing reality series. "I have a lot of show ideas -- a lot of different reality show ideas. Kind of like Bachelor-like style ideas, dating ideas, you know young mom ideas basically -- I wouldn't say teenagers though," Jenelle dished. "I have a bunch of thoughts running in my head, but whenever I want to pursue those opportunities, I can't and I'm put at a halt because I'm still stuck in a contract."

Last week, Jenelle explained to E! News that she does not plan on returning to Teen Mom 2, noting her contract ending in the coming months and her desire to explore other options. "I'm officially out of contract with MTV in April," she shared. "That was the only thing I was waiting on to move forward. Once April comes around, I can start talking to other networks, thank God!"

So it looks like even if MTV wants Jenelle back, she might not bite. Now that she's gotten a taste of life without Teen Mom 2, maybe she's finding there's a lot more opportunity than she imagined. And to be honest, I think we'd all be tuning in if she produced a brand-new reality show!