Jenelle Evans Announces Split From David Eason

Milania Giudice & Janelle Evans Visits Planet Hollywood
Milania Giudice & Janelle Evans Visits Planet Hollywood / Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

Oh, happy day! Jenelle Evans just reached out to fans on Instagram announcing her separation from her controversial husband, David Eason.

The mom-of-three shared that she has spent most of her life in front of the cameras but she's been absent from the spotlight lately because she had to make the big decision of ending her marriage with David. She stated, "The kids and I have moved away from David."

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Jenelle disabled the comments section in her Instagram post, which is a real shame because it would literally be nothing but love and support. Fans have been extremely vocal about their opinions of David and with very good reason. There are endless stories, even 911 calls as proof, of Jenelle reporting cases of domestic abuse from David. Not only that, but he also shot and killed her dog earlier this year, which resulted in her termination from Teen Mom 2. As if that wasn't bad enough, CPS removed their children from their home and a long custody battle followed until they got them back.

Activists against animal cruelty have basically sabotaged Jenelle's chances of making incomes in other areas. Her makeup line, JE Cosmetics, allegedly suffered a venue cancellation after activists told the host about David's actions. They even went so far as to buy the domain for her brand. Now, when fans click on the site, they discover a page about animal rescue called Justice for Nugget. Check it out here.

Cosmopolitan NYFW - Backstage - February 2019 - New York Fashion Week
Cosmopolitan NYFW - Backstage - February 2019 - New York Fashion Week / Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Jenelle's cosmetics sales have reached dismally low records and many speculate that fans don't want to purchase products that may indirectly benefit David.

However, reports recently circulated that Jenelle flew to New York City at the exact same time that the Teen Mom reunions were being filmed and, though nothing has been confirmed, Jenelle was reportedly in meetings with MTV. Immediately following the meetings, Jenelle posted her decision to separate from David.

Could this mean that she is coming back to MTV as a single mother? What a great decision that would be. Even though she disabled her comments, hopefully she knows everyone has nothing but cheers and congratulations for her. Good for you, Jenelle!