Police Reportedly Considering Opening David Eason's Case Back Up After He Admits to Killing Dog

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Former Teen Mom 2 stars Jenelle Evans and David Eason have been in some seriously hot water since Eason killed their family dog, Nugget, for allegedly biting their two-year-old daughter, Ensley. Speculation has gone back and forth about the incident. One week reports said he definitely killed the dog, the next, sites said Evans faked the news for publicity.

Well, the couple sat down for an interview with People this week to set the record straight about Nugget, and a few other issues. Unfortunately for them, telling the truth about what happened with their four-legged pal could potentially put Eason in trouble with the law again, TMZ reports.

In the interview, Eason talks about the fateful event, explaining:

"It wasn’t really about ‘did you kill the dog or not?’ It was a situation where my daughter, her health her safety, was in danger. It upsets me just as much as anybody who doesn’t even know Nugget who may think they’re upset. This was something that nobody wants to ever have to do. The dog was aggressive."

He also explained that Nugget was going to be euthanized no matter what, and he wanted to give the respect to the dog to do it himself. "When a dog bites a child on the face, it should never be around a child again...The law says the dog has to be euthanized," Eason stated.

TMZ reports that Eason's televised admission of guilt might get him more than a few slanderous tweets. The police allegedly saw the interview, and are considering opening up the case against Eason once again. If they do in fact open the case, he could face charges for animal cruelty.

Will Eason, and possibly Evans, end up back in court after this interview? I guess we will have to wait and see.