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Sources Say Jenelle Evans Could Still Return to 'Teen Mom 2' Despite Her Desire to Pursue Other Networks

Jenelle Evans could still return to 'Teen Mom 2,' according to sources
Jenelle Evans could still return to 'Teen Mom 2,' according to sources | Instagram / Jenelle Evans

Although MTV fired Jenelle Evans and stopped filming her story back last year, the mom-of-three has still managed to stay in the spotlight without appearing on Teen Mom 2. In fact, she seems to often get more publicity than many of the stars who still are actively being filmed.

With Jenelle's consistent ability to make headlines, there's a ton of buzz around her future, especially considering the fact that she revealed her contract with MTV expires this April. As she explained, this means she will soon be free to discuss contracts with other networks, but as In Touch Weekly notes, it also means she can re-negotiate with MTV.

The reality star herself refueled speculation that she could actually still come back to the show which made her famous when she shared In Touch Weekly's article on social media, who cite sources with saying:

"It was never said that Jenelle is done with Teen Mom 2 or is not returning to Teen Mom 2. Jenelle was simply explaining that her contract with MTV expires in April, which it does. A lot could happen between now and April, and what could end up inevitably happening is unknown. MTV still could decide to bring her back to the show, or they could end up releasing her so she could pursue other television opportunities."

Since her termination, Jenelle has left David and moved to Nashville, Tennessee with her children. With her estranged husband out of the picture, could she and MTV come to an arrangement to get her back on Teen Mom 2? Honestly, we'd watch if so.