Why Fans Think 'Stranger Things' Season 4 Set Photo Might Confirm Hopper's Fate

SAG-AFTRA Foundation Presents "Stranger Things 3" With David Harbour
SAG-AFTRA Foundation Presents "Stranger Things 3" With David Harbour / Randy Shropshire/Getty Images

Since Season 3 of Stranger Things aired on Netflix back in July, fans have been skeptical about the permanence of some of the events, particularly about whether or not Jim Hopper (David Harbour) actually died when he sacrificed himself to shut the gate to the Upside Down.

The speculation was heightened even more when, in the post-credits scene of the season, the evil Russians mention that they are holding “The American,” which fans took to be either Hopper, or possibly Dr. Brenner.

Now, three months after we all mourned the loss of our favorite gruff police officer, it was announced that the beloved series had been renewed for a fourth season, leaving fans to wonder: is Hopper coming back?

People reports that it could just be a possibility. One Reddit user posted photos this week of the Stranger Things set down in Georgia, where they are already filming the new season. In the parking lot, you can see Hopper’s famous K5 Blazer parked inconspicuously. According to the Reddit user, the showrunners were setting up to film around Hop’s car, as well as many others.

Though it is pretty likely that Hopper is making a comeback in Season 4 one way or another, whether it will be a flashback memory or a living breathing role is still up in the air.