VIDEO: Watch David Harbour FaceTime the Duffer Brothers to Find Out His 'Stranger Things' Fate

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David Harbour might be the funniest man ever.

The Stranger Things star showed up for an interview on Late Night With Seth Meyers and naturally, the host asked if Harbour would be coming back for Season 4 of the Netflix hit. If anyone missed it (how could you?), Harbour's character, Jim Hopper, seemed to have died in the final episode. That's right--it was that ambiguous.

While speaking with Meyers, Harbour couldn't answer the question about Hopper's return to Season 4 and confessed that he didn't actually know. The actor admitted he thought he was "the American" mentioned in the post-credits scene, but hadn't received any confirmation from the Duffer brothers, the creators of Stranger Things.

So Harbour did what any normal person would do with a question: he called the people with the answers...except, he called the Duffer brothers while filming live. The cameras caught Matt and Ross Duffer chilling at home, looking as awkward and mystified as anyone would when told they're on FaceTime live.

Harbour asked, "Am I dead? Is Hopper dead?" But they didn't have an answer. Ross replied, hilariously, "I mean we're still figuring it out, David."

Not a very useful call, but still so funny. Thankfully at least, Netflix has officially confirmed Season 4, so I guess all of us, including Harbour, will just have to wait and see.