'Stranger Things' Season 3 Wildest Theories Explained

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The wait for Stranger Things Season 3 has been on basically since we all binged Season 2 in Oct. 2017, leaving fans with ample time to speculate on the wild turns the new upcoming episodes will bring. Some theories are realistic, but there are some wild ones out there that, if true, will shock audiences.

Here are five of the most insane theories explained.

1. Stranger Things and It Takes Place in the Same Universe

Pennywise the Clown Mural
Pennywise the Clown Mural | Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

Let's start off with maybe the craziest, but most awesome theory out there. Fans have noticed the multiple references to Stephen King novels in the show. And even though It has never been directly referenced, one scene in particular from the second season cements the theory. In Season 2, Bob tells Will about a clown he used to have dreams about when he was a kid, and it sounds awfully similar to Pennywise. Maybe there's a chance for both of Finn Wolfhard's characters to crossover?

2. Chief Hopper's Daughter Was a Lab Experiment

SAG-AFTRA Foundation Presents "Stranger Things 3" With David Harbour
SAG-AFTRA Foundation Presents "Stranger Things 3" With David Harbour | Randy Shropshire/Getty Images

This is easily the most heartbreaking theory of them all. There has been a ton of speculation over Chief Hopper's daughter, Sara, and her death. Viewers began to notice distinct similarities in the handrails in the scenes where Hopper finds a wounded Dr. Sam Owens and where Hopper breaks down crying in the first season after the death of his daughter. David Harbour, who plays Hopper, partially confirmed the theory in a recent interview, stating that the two scenes occur in the same location.

3. The Next Person to Die Will Have a Name Starting With 'B'

Comic-Con International 2017 - Netflix's "Stranger Things" Press line
Comic-Con International 2017 - Netflix's "Stranger Things" Press line | Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Sounds insane, right? But if you've paid attention to some of the deaths in the show, most of the non-villain characters who died had names that began with the letter "B." Benny Hammond, Barb Holland and Bob Newby are killed in the show. Is it a sheer coincidence? Maybe, but maybe the Duffer Brothers had this plan in mind when creating the show.

4. Papa is Not Actually Dead and He'll Appear in Season 3

This is one we obviously hope isn't true, but it's easily the most plausible theory. Dr. Brenner, also known as Papa, was the mastermind behind the experiments occurring in Hawkins. Ray Carroll, former Department of Energy agent in the show, claimed in the most recent season that Brenner was still alive. Not only that, but executive producer Shawn Levy told Insider last year that the character is not dead. So there's a serious chance we see the evil doctor once the new season arrives.

5. Bob is Alive, But Now He's a Vampire

The Paley Center For Media's 35th Annual PaleyFest Los Angeles - "Stranger Things" - Inside
The Paley Center For Media's 35th Annual PaleyFest Los Angeles - "Stranger Things" - Inside | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Season 1 brought nostalgia to plenty of fans of the '80s hit movie The Goonies. The show did not shy away from the comparisons, and went full meta by casting Goonies lead Sean Astin for the second season as Bob Newby, Joyce's love interest. The character was a fan-favorite until his ultimate demise at the hands of the Demo-dogs. But one Reddit user believes the attack did not kill him, because Bob is actually a vampire with evil intentions. It's not that out there, as Bob did give Will some strange advice about the Mind Flayer and did some other shady things.

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