'Stranger Things' Fans Pay Tribute to Beloved Season 3 Character Alexei for 7-Eleven Day

"Our Kind Of Traitor" - UK Gala - Arrivals
"Our Kind Of Traitor" - UK Gala - Arrivals / John Phillips/Getty Images

Stranger Things Season 3 has featured a number of nods to classic '80s products and entertainment, from its music to its movies--but fans have been especially enthusiastic about its focus on 7-Eleven Slurpees. Today, fans flocked to 7-Elevens across the nation to pay tribute to Alexei, the show’s enthusiastic consumer of the beverage, in honor of today's date: 7/11.

According to ComicBook.com, fans took to social media today to share their informal “Alexei Day,” commemorating Alec Utgoff’s character, who, in a particularly memorable scene, squabbled with Hopper (David Harbour) over the difference between strawberry and cherry slurpees. The event coincides with 7-Eleven’s July 11 promotion, in which the chain offers free drinks.

Though the event was not coordinated with Stranger Things or Netflix, it is not the only entanglement between the show and major products. Previously, the show engaged in a promotional partnership with Coca-Cola to produce cans of New Coke, and with Nike to produce retro sneakers.

As for us, we’ll be heading 7-Eleven to buy a cherry slurpee in tribute to Alexei--and then we’ll rewatch his adventures in Season 3, streaming now on Netflix.