VIDEO: Kylie Jenner Talks How Her Sisters Feel About Her Billionaire Status


When you're the richest, and you’re the baby of the family, you have to expect to catch a little grief from your siblings, especially when it comes to footing the bill.

People reports that Kylie Jenner and her mom, Kris Jenner, stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show for the first episode of Season 17, premiering Sept. 9. In a teaser clip released this week, Ellen asks Kylie if she gets teased by her siblings after being named by Forbes as the youngest self-made billionaire last year.

"Do they call you 'Kylie Billionaire' Jenner? I mean they must be, they’ve all been working for years, and suddenly you come along, and you’re the youngest and you’re a billionaire,” Ellen begins, before interrupting herself to say to Kris, "First of all, she must be your favorite child." The Momager hilariously responds, “Well, duh.”

Ellen then asks, “Do they give you a hard time?” Kylie thinks about it and responds, “I don’t know, when we are in a group chat talking about where we should go on a trip. And then everyone’s like, 'Kylie? Are you going to pay for it?'”

“Do they really expect you to pay for all the stuff?," Ellen inquires, before Kris jumps in to defend her other children, saying, “No, they don’t really…Just my stuff.” Kylie then clarifies, “They just joke with me, just sister love,” adding, “They’re all really proud of me, for sure.”

I’m sure they are. Plus, let’s be honest, no one is going poor in that family.