Twitter Users Debate Whether Jim From 'The Office' or Ben From 'Parks and Rec' Would Win in a Fight

John Krasinski and Adam Scott via Getty Images
John Krasinski and Adam Scott via Getty Images

The beloved NBC shows Parks and Recreation and The Office share similar humor, and therefore have two types of fans: the first kind loves and appreciates both of Greg Daniels’ series equally, and the second has pledged an undying allegiance to only one show, vowing to drag the other one consistently.

And now, the second camp in the fandoms has taken to Twitter this week to battle yet again over which character is better, Uproxx reports. This time, the fight is focused on one person from each series: Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) from The Office and Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) from Parks.

The tweet that started it all asked “Who would win in a fight?” with a picture of both characters giving their best snarky stares to the camera. The consensus in the thread is that Ben would definitely win in a throwdown.

One user posted, “Y’all remember in 'Bowling for Votes' when that guy called Leslie a b***h and Ben immediately punched him so hard that he fell to the floor? What’s Jim gonna do? Prank him?” Another fan posted about the same episode on Parks, “A bowler called Leslie a bitch one time and Ben decked him. Michael sexually harasses Pam everyday and Jim just looks at the camera funny.”

Sorry Jim, but it looks like the fans have spoken.