Quiz: How Well Do You Know Jim Halpert From 'The Office'?

NBC's "The Office" Series Finale Wrap Party
NBC's "The Office" Series Finale Wrap Party / Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Back before "internet boyfriends" were even a thing, Jim Halpert from The Office already was one. The ever-charming prankster, played by the lovable John Krasinski, quickly became a favorite in the NBC series, and is still a huge part of fans' hearts even six years after the final episode aired. Between his relationship with Pam, his prank war with Dwight, and countless hilarious moments with Michael, the series wouldn't be the same without Jim.

While The Office is still on Netflix, we know fans binge the show on the daily. But even if we not-so-shamelessly watch multiple episodes a day, does that make us all experts on the show? Not necessarily. There are still plenty of elements to each character you might forget, even if they're your favorite.

So let's test your knowledge on one of the most major characters. You guessed it, Jim Halpert. See how you do with our trivia below!