'Too Hot to Handle' Fans Are Begging for a Reunion Show After Quickly Binging the New Netflix Series

'Too Hot to Handle' reunion show wanted by fans who quickly binged the new Netflix dating show.
'Too Hot to Handle' reunion show wanted by fans who quickly binged the new Netflix dating show. / YouTube / Netflix

It seems like we only just met the gorgeous cast of the reality dating series Too Hot to Handle, but despite the fact that the new Netflix show dropped on Friday, it wasn't too difficult for viewers to binge it all in one weekend. And now, fans are already begging for a reunion show.

An Instagram exchange between contestants David Birtwistle and Kelz Dyke really raised the stakes of getting fans wanting more. Kelz posted a photo of himself with a woman who fans speculated was Rhonda Paul. “I can’t tell if she’s yours or mine,” he captioned the picture. Talk about stirring the pot! Rhonda was in a relationship with Sharron Townsend on the show, while Kelz’s attention was focused on other women. What has happened to this group since the show wrapped?!

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But there’s more. David jumped in with a super intriguing comment, simply writing, “Mine.” That was apparently too much even for Kelz, who responded, “lol . . . I’m not involved.” Naturally, fans are wondering if Rhonda and Sharron are still together, or if Kelz had really liked Rhonda all along, or if David and Rhonda had rekindled the flame they had at the start of the show. Seriously, so many mysteries.

This has people begging for a revisit to the cast, and fans took to Twitter to discuss. “I got too many questions now,” one fan tweeted, summarizing the general feeling. “We need a reunion.”

Given Netflix wouldn't be able to film a reunion show in the traditional way right now, as they did for Love is Blind Season 1, fans are even open to a Zoom call to get the gang back together.

Despite how people are feeling about the show's premise, it looks like everyone is invested and needs a reunion.

There’s definitely an audience for a cast get-together, and there are lots more questions to be answered, like whether Harry and Francesca are still together or not. Until then, fans will have to make do with the rest of the Netflix dating roster. Time to re-watch Love is Blind!