After discovering that the Starcourt Mall in Stranger Things’ third season was actually part of the Russians’ secret base, it didn’t seem all that fun any longer. Even after watching Eleven go shopping for the first time with Max, and Steve getting rejected by multiple girls at Scoops Ahoy, it probably wouldn’t be my first choice for a hangout spot. But if you take away the Mind Flayer and the scary scientists, fans would so be there. That’s why a quick trip to Georgia might be on some people’s minds, after learning Starcourt is a real mall there.

As reported by Decider, the third season of the Netflix fan-favorite was filmed in Georgia, just like the previous two. And while the mall they shot in doesn’t include a Sam Goody or Waldenbooks like it does in the show, the shopping center does exist. Gwinnett Place Mall is located in the Atlanta suburb of Duluth, and is fully functioning for people to shop at.

However, Decider points out that the mall might not be around for much longer, as a sports developer reportedly could be turning the location into a cricket stadium set to fit 20,000. Not quite a Stranger Things vibe in the slightest.

But for now, Gwinnett Place Mall is still standing, so if you’re a diehard fan of the show and live nearby, might as well check it out!

This article also appears on Mental Floss.