'The Office's Greg Daniels Just Gave a New Update on Why a Reunion Isn't in the Works Yet

Greg Daniels, Brian Baumgartner, Rainn Wilson, Leslie David Baker, Steve Carell
'The Office' creator Greg Daniels explains why he doesn't think a reunion will happen anytime soon. | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

It seems almost inevitable at this point that all our favorite shows will get some type of reboot treatment. Whether it be a full remake, a revival or reunion with the original stars, or somewhere in between, revisiting successful series just keeps happening no matter if fans want it or not. As for The Office, however, creator Greg Daniels hasn't been too keen on the idea, even despite conversations about it happening at the new streaming service Peacock.

So what exactly does Daniels think? Well, although he admitted, "If we were going to revisit it, I would want to do it," he has expressed doubt that all the cast members would be on board. Last month, he explained to The Hollywood Reporter, "We're probably not going to get every single character back, they're all doing all this cool things," adding, "I don't think people's expectations of getting back in the saddle and doing more episodes of the same show was going to be realistic."

Now, the acclaimed writer/producer is sharing similar sentiments, taking to Digital Spy this week on the possible reunion. Elaborating on his point that not every main actor would be willing to come back, Daniels also shared that it's harder for The Office than for other shows that are having reboots, because it has a very large cast. "I think this question came up when the cast of Will & Grace reunited, but there's only four of them, and the people involved with The Office are all doing so many different things, so to be able to reassemble them, I think, in that kind of fashion is much more difficult," he explained.

And Daniels doesn't seem totally about the idea of just having half the cast return. "I think if anything, there might be some sort of new show that just had a couple of people in it," he stated. "I don't think it would be great to redo it again with 60% of the cast or something. I think that would be a bit weird."

It's certainly true that the actors behind our favorite Office characters have moved onto big things since the workplace comedy wrapped, but many of them have also expressed interest in a reunion of sorts. Angela Kinsey, who played Angela Martin, revealed that the cast has discussed an episode to get the Dunder Mifflin gang back together, and John Krasinski, who played Jim Halpert, has said he would "absolutely" return. While we're sure not every cast member will be able to join a reunion, it looks like many of the main players are already in.