Although the final season of Game of Thrones attracted considerable ire and polarized the viewing audience, the show’s stars have nonetheless maintained a close connection to the community. Among these stars is Kit Harington, who, despite his turbulent time on the show’s final season, made an effort to join together with fans, donating over $9,000 to a fundraiser started by fans.

On Wednesday, according to People, Harington donated £7,728.75 (around $9,810) to a fan fundraiser benefiting the Royal Mencap Society, a UK charity that works with people with learning disabilities. The fundraiser was launched in the beginning of June by Thrones fans, who wanted to support one of Harington’s favorite charities (he’s worked with the Royal Mencap Society since 2017) after learning of the time he spent in a wellness facility in Connecticut.

“Kit Harington has given so much to the fans of Game of Thrones over the past decade playing the King in the North, Jon Snow,” reads the fundraiser’s description on “This fundraiser is here to show Kit that we’re incredibly thankful to him for the sheer amount of love and skill he put into Jon Snow for us to enjoy.”

Previously, Harington had checked into the rehab center following the stressful and taxing shooting of Game of Thrones’ final season, taking the time to “work on personal issues,” according to the actor’s rep. More recently, he has been seen around London, evidently finished with his stint and looking healthy.

Harington attached an earnest message to his donation, giving thanks to the fans and saying:

“To those of you who set this page up in my name and to those of you who contributed and left messages, please accept my deepest and most heartfelt thank you...This donations page lifted my heart and brought tears to my eyes, what a beautiful gift to receive.”

As for us, we’re glad to see a bright spot of news like this among all the negative attention over Game of Thrones’ final season--it serves as a great reminder of what all of it is really about.