While Kim Kardashian is widely regarded as a style icon, she’s also involved in one of the messier sides of the fashion world: body modification. Although her forays into shapewear have revived the conversation about the clothing’s potential health effects, Kardashian herself is speaking out about her own experience with fashion discomfort, sharing that her Met Gala dress caused her more pain than anything in her life.

This week, Kardashian shared with the WSJ Magazine (via People) that her dress, a Thierry Mugler-designed “dripping wet” piece that held a Mister Pearl corset underneath, was intensely uncomfortable, saying that she had, “never felt pain like that in my life.”

Kardashian added that the corset was so tight that it left physical markings on her body at the end of the night: “I’ll have to show you pictures of the aftermath when I took it off — the indentations on my back and my stomach,” she shared. Previously, Kardashian had indicated that she needed lessons in breathing properly while wearing the dress, and that it impeded her ability to sit.

The fashion mogul, 38, has long been a part of discussion of tight-fitting clothing, body modification, and beauty standards. Beyond her Met Gala dress, she has also been involved in designing and promoting her shapewear line--controversial not only for its previous name "Kimono," but also for the dubious health effects of shapewear itself.

As for us, we’re glad that Kardashian is speaking up about the effect of her dress. We certainly feel bad for her--nobody should have to experience intense pain just to be fashionable--but we also hope that her comments will help focus attention on the potential health effects of the trendy clothing she promotes.