Watch Kim Kardashian Get Fitted for Her Skin-Tight Met Gala Look

It's only been two days since the 2019 Met Gala, but it looks like Kim Kardashian's look from the big night is already being dubbed iconic. The 38-year-old reality star arrived on the red carpet alongside Kanye West in a custom-made Thierry Mugler dress which took eight months to create, and people were instantly talking. Mainly, because Kim's waist looked nonexistent.

Kim has been met with both praise and criticism for her dress, which was skin-tight and under a corset, prompting fans to ask if she actually had ribs removed for the look. Well now, all of our questions should be answered, as the businesswoman just gave us a peek into her preparation process for the big night via a video from Vogue.

Opening up the video by revealing her plans for after the Met Gala were to eat a dozen mini donuts, Kim then went into her fitting. After she had the corset all tied up, she said the camera, "Okay, so Anna [Wintour], if I don’t sit down for dinner, now you know why. I’ll be walking around mingling, talking, but I cannot hardly sit. I can only like, half sit."

"I remember specifically, the day the theme of the Met was announced, Kanye and I were on a group chat right away and was like, 'okay, it’s camp,' Then it’s Mr. Mugler. Like he is, like the king of camp. Like he invented camp," Kim explained.

It's true the look was met with a few haters, but that just comes with the territory when you're as famous as Kim Kardashian. We're glad to know she was happy with the outcome, because she looked great!