Jenelle Evans Criticized After David Eason's 12-Year-Old Daughter is Seen Wearing Confederate Flag T-Shirt

Janelle Evans, David Eason
Jenelle Evans is receiving backlash from fans after she and David Eason dressed their daughter in a confederate flag t-shirt. | Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

Jenelle Evans is once again in hot water with fans. The former Teen Mom 2 star is known for sharing each and every detail of her life on social media, but her latest Instagram photo has fans up in arms after David Eason's 12-year-old daughter Maryssa was seen wearing a confederate flag t-shirt.

Jenelle shared the snapshot on July 21, sending many of her followers into a frenzy. They took to Reddit to slam her for the controversial article of clothing. "You gotta be a real trash ass person to put this on your child," one person said. "You know they did that s**t on purpose. And you can only imagine the toxic hateful s**t they have brainwashed them with," another comment read.

People seemed to place the blame entirely on Jenelle and David, rather than Maryssa. "I'm not gonna judge a preteen girl," one said. "She probably doesn[']t know any better because she wasn[']t taught any better. F**k [D]avid and [J]enelle [though]. Not surprising in the least."

You can see the photo in question below.

Instagram/Jenelle Evans

This is hardly the first time Jenelle and David have come under fire for touting a confederate flag on social media, drumming up accusations that they're racists. In 2018, David proudly posed with the flag during a trip to the Grand Canyon. “Just planting my flag in all 50 states!,” he captioned a series of Instagram photos, dividing followers at the time.

Apparently, the criticism did little to stop Jenelle and David from flaunting the flag moving forward.