​Teen Mom star ​Jenelle ​Evans and her husband, ​David Eason, are making waves again on social media with posts featuring the Confederate flag. 

On Sunday, Eason posted a picture at the Grand Canyon to Instagram. In the caption he wrote, "Just planting my flag in all 50 states! #merica #rebel."  

In a separate post, Eason is seen in the same location, this time in a video, posing with the flag. He captioned the post, "Pretty amazing huh?" We're not sure if he's referencing the view or the flag.

On Twitter, Jenelle defended her husband and the Confederate flag. 

Last month, Eason received a lot of backlash after posting an Instagram photo with the flag around his shoulders. 

"Where I'm from is who I am and my family fought and died for this land. Red white and blue comes in more than one pattern. Dont argue just get off my page if you dont agree! Thanks @rednecknation #RHEC," Eason captioned the post.