Jenelle Evans Criticized for Sharing 'Clickbait' About Chelsea Houska After Asking Celebs to Stop Posting About Her

Jenelle Evans criticized for posting a "clickbait" article after she asked fellow celebs to stop doing the same.
Jenelle Evans criticized for posting a "clickbait" article after she asked fellow celebs to stop doing the same. | Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is no stranger to controversy and criticism. Recently, she's come under fire for launching an exclusive website that allows fans to interact with her for a hefty price, and for her decision to go back to her husband David Eason despite the pair's history of domestic violence.

More recently, people on Reddit are roasting Jenelle for posting a "clickbait" article about her former co-star Chelsea Houska, after she asked people to stop sharing stories about her. The mom-of-three has repeatedly claimed she doesn't like using misleading articles because of the possibility of being scammed. Looks like she doesn't exactly know her stance on the matter!

The article, which featured a photo of Chelsea alongside her Teen Mom 2 co-star Kailyn Lowry, seemingly claimed that the former is expecting another child. However, these claims are unfounded. “Jenelle posting clickbait about her former co-stars. I hope one of them tweets that she needs to delete it or she will be hearing from their lawyer,” the Reddit thread began.

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“I'm sure she's praying real hard that something like that happens to bring SOME kind of attention her way! She needs some sort of drama to stay relevant. That's all she has,” wrote one person, with another commenting, “It's not even satisfying to point out her flagrant hypocrisy anymore! She's just so grossly predictable!”

One person aptly observed, “Jenelle is the CEO of hypocrisy.” While that may be the case, posting clickbait about one of her former co-stars seems a bit odd considering she was fired from the series last year after her husband killed the family dog. Whatever Jenelle's position may be on these misleading articles, it's pretty hurtful to spread rumors about someone that aren't true.