Jenelle Evans Responds to Claims She Stopped Posting Clickbait Articles After Getting 'Scammed'

Jenelle Evans
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Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has a lot on her plate. The reality star recently announced that she was leaving her allegedly abusive husband, David Eason. Though things are tough for the mom-of-three, the always feisty Evans will always take time to clap back on social media. reports that the 27-year-old mom was upset about rumors that she stopped posting clickbait articles because she was “scammed.” According to the publication, Evans had posted at the end of October. that she was done with click-bait because she didn’t want the drama. At the time, a fan had tweeted, “I don’t get how the TM girls boast about being friends IRL and supporting each other but they post click-bait [sic] about each other,” tagging Evans. The former MTV star replied, “Yeah I don’t do that anymore for that exact reason. Makes everyone mad and all of you think I’m writing these things... but I never did.”

Later, two users argued about how clickbait contracts work. During the discussion, one user quoted a report from The Ashley that explained that the Teen Mom ladies are under completely separate contracts for the clickbait traffic. The Ashley commented on the thread, stating that Evans was scammed “big time” with her contract, which is why she doesn’t do it anymore.

Evans replied to The Ashley, “I love how you freely speak about me so much but don’t ask me anything.” The publication stuck by the story, replying, “I know what happened with the clickbait. The whole story. I just didn't write about it.”

Some might know what happened, but I doubt fans ever will. One thing we know for sure is that Evans is not shying away from social media wars, divorce or not.