Is Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran's New Song 'I Don't Care' About Hailey Baldwin?

Justin Bieber is back! We're hoping his return to the music scene with both Lil Dicky's "Earth" from last month and now the newly-released "I Don't Care" with Ed Sheeran isn't the last we'll see of the Biebs this year. We've missed him too much.

The latest track "I Don't Care" debuted today, which is an upbeat bop with some pretty deep lyrics. As we know, Justin has been dealing with mental health issues for years, and it looks like he's fully exploring them in the song. But it has a positive message--and that might have something to do with Hailey Baldwin.

The song, with lyrics like, "Don't think I fit in at this party / Everyone's got so much to say," and "I can deal with the bad nights / When I'm with my baby, yeah," is all about getting through anxiety with the help of a special someone. As we know, Hailey--who Justin married back in Sept. 2017--has been very instrumental in the singer's road to recovery. So it seems pretty obvious this song is all about her.

Other lyrics include, "'Cause I don't care when I'm with my baby, yeah / All the bad things disappear," and "I don't like nobody, but it's like you're the only one here."

Although Justin has made more public appearances this year than usual, he's always got Hailey by his side. And even for one of the biggest nights in New York City--where he and his wife live--he skipped out. According to sources, JB didn't attend this year's Met Gala earlier this week because he's simply not a fan of the event. Hailey instead walked the red carpet alone.

We're totally loving "I Don't Care," and wish Justin the best as he continues to work through his anxiety and depression. When he's ready, we'll be waiting for more music. And maybe another collab with Ed is in the cards!