Angela Kinsey and Her Kids Watch Iconic Scene From 'The Office' in Hilariously Sweet Clip

Angela Kinsey shows her kids an iconic scene from 'The Office' in cute clip.
Angela Kinsey shows her kids an iconic scene from 'The Office' in cute clip. | Instagram / Angela Kinsey

Angela Kinsey and her kids are taking a walk down memory lane! It's been seven years since The Office concluded, but the actress is now sharing the fan-favorite comedy with her children.

The Angela Martin star took to Instagram on July 21 to share a sweet video featuring her and the kids watching an episode of The Office. In the clip, she played the iconic scene where Andy Bernard punches a wall, and Kinsey's kids, Isabel, Cade, and Jack, can be heard cracking up.

Fans loved the endearing video from Kinsey. "Ok this is adorable," one person said. "So cool you watch with your kids!," another commented. One expressed their gratitude for the show's run, commenting, "This show has brought us more joy than I thought possible during this endless time of quarantine. I am soooo thankful for the laughs it continues to provide no matter how many times we watch each episode. Thanks to all of you who made The Office such an amazing show!"

Angela seemed overjoyed to share the show with her kids. "Some evenings you just want to pile into bed and watch Andy Bernard punch a hole in the wall. @edhelms," she captioned the post. You can watch the video below.

Fans are still waiting on that long-rumored Office reunion, but hilarious content like this will hopefully hold us all over... for now!