The 5 Best Episodes of 'The Office' to Binge While You're Stuck at Home Over Coronavirus Concerns

Best episodes of 'The Office' to watch while you're at home over Coronavirus concerns
Best episodes of 'The Office' to watch while you're at home over Coronavirus concerns / Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Staying safe is priority number one right now. Avoiding anything remotely resembling Coronavirus is requiring more clearing of our schedules and therefore, staying inside. So along with hand sanitizer, Netflix is our new best friend during these troubled times (even though for most of us, it already was). As we prepare to enjoy the great indoors until further notice, here are five of the most binge-worthy episodes of The Office to keep us company.

1. "Beach Games"

Get out of the house vicariously through fun in the summer sun watching "Beach Games." Who could forget the impassioned sumo wrestling, hot dog races, and that major (and inevitably life changing) moment between Jim and Pam? They're still in the "will they or won't they" days of the series. Remember when Pam really puts herself out there? It's one of the most powerful scenes of the entire show.

2. "The Alliance"

If you're feeling kind of lonely while stuck on the sofa, watch "The Alliance" from all the way back in Season 1. It is perhaps one of the most iconic episodes to fully relive all the prank pulling between frenemies Jim and Dwight. We also get to witness Pam and Jim ever so slowly inch their crushing way to forever love. Oh, the surprises to come.

3. "Goodbye, Michael"

Need a good cry? Me too. Luckily, "Goodbye, Michael" never fails. Being fully quarantined in one's house is the perfect opportunity to laugh it up, ugly cry, then go wash your hands. This one fully fits the mood.

4. "The Injury"

For a laugh that never stops, watch the Season 2 episode "The Injury." Often ranked one of the funniest episodes of the series, we never get tired of Michael announcing, “I stepped onto the grill and it clamped down on my foot. That’s it. I don’t see what’s so hard to believe about that."

5. "Murder"

As a pro-tip from Michael Scott, sometimes games are the best way to boost morale. That makes this the perfect time to re-watch "Murder." Everyone is basically stuck in the office, forced to play a murder mystery game, and the rest is history. It's also a critical moment for Dunder Mifflin, where everyone is beginning to fear the worst. Michael aims to take their minds off all the "what-ifs" of the future and just have a little fun in the moment. We all need some of that.

OK, we know, we know. Every inch of The Office is fully binge-worthy. But if you're going to start rewatching somewhere, these five episodes will make you feel right at home in all the best ways. And if you're in need of much more TV to watch, check out these awesome deals here for Sling TV to catch up on all your favorites.