35 Date Ideas for Hot Summer Days

Picking a date for you and your special someone can be difficult enough, not to mention on a particularly hot summer day. When it's over, say, 90 degrees out, you might just want to give up on doing anything fun. But there are actually tons of worthwhile ideas to try even when the heat seems like it won't give up.

Here are 35 awesome date ideas for hot summer days.

1. Beach

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The best place to go when it's hot out is of course the beach.

2. Movies

If you don't feel like being outside in the heat, two hours at the movies should be a great break.

3. Mall

Spending your money in the air conditioned mall? Sounds good to us.

4. Museum

Get cultured while staying cool in air conditioning by heading to a local museum.

5. Movie Marathon

If you want to stay indoors all day to avoid the heat, pick out movies to spend it marathoning together.

6. Mini Golf

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An easy activity like mini golf is perfect for a lazy hot day.

7. Hike

If you're feeling brave enough to spend hours outside in the heat, a nice hike will do you good.

8. Zoo

Animals and the warm sun makes for a perfect day.

9. Aquarium

The zoo or the aquarium are great spots.

10. Brunch

If you're hungry and want to drink, spend a few hours at brunch together.

11. Picnic

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Or if you want to enjoy your food outside, make your own picnic and sit in the shade.

12. Ice Cream Run

Head to your local ice cream shop for some sweet dessert, then retreat back to the air conditioning.

13. Video Games

Unleash your competitive side in the comfort of your own air conditioned home with some video games.

14. Board Games

Or if you're more traditional, board games will do just fine.

15. Winery

Getting tipsy while enjoying the warm weather sounds ideal to us.

16. Escape Room

Challenge yourself mentally while hanging out inside air conditioning with an escape room.

17. Dog Walk

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Take your dogs for a nice (and short, depending on how hot it is) walk outdoors.

18. Spa Day

If you're sick of the heat and just want to relax, a spa day might do you both good.

19. Bowling

Spend the entire day in the bowling alley. They have food, drinks, music, and more!

20. Photoshoot

If you're sitting inside bored, how about an impromptu photoshoot? iPhones take great pictures.

21. Wine and Paint Session

You don't even need to go to an actual studio for this. Just get the supplies and drinks, and enjoy while in an air conditioned home.

22. DIY Crafts

The possibilities for DIY projects are basically endless.

23. Book Club

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Create a book club between yourselves, and spend the day reading.

24. Arcade

Spend a few hours in an air conditioned arcade and feel your competitive side come to life.

25. Slip and Slide

If it's so hot you just have to get wet, create your own slip and slide outside and enjoy!

26. Sunbathe

Or if you're content just enjoying the sun, why not take some time to sunbathe peacefully?

27. Question Game

If you're adamant on staying inside, you might get bored. Take turns asking each other questions until you can't think of any more.

28. Complete a Puzzle

This could potentially take days, but it's a challenging activity you can partake in from the comfort of an air conditioned home.

29. Create Bucket List

This is relatively simple to start, but might take you all day to complete. Once you've got a solid list, you can begin your adventures...maybe when it's a bit less hot out.

30. Listen to Music

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This might seem like an obvious one, but if it's too hot to go outside, just lay down and listen to some music for a little while. Show each other your favorite songs and add them to your library.

31. Roller Rink

If you've got one around you, a roller rink could be a super fun activity to escape the heat and still get some exercise.

32. Amusement Park

Given the weather isn't too hot for your liking, an amusement park is always a good idea.

33. Beer Garden

Check out your nearest beer garden and have fun drinking in the sun.

34. Paddleboarding

This is the perfect activity if you're adventurous and love the water.

35. Nap

And if all else fails, take a nap together! It might be too hot for anything else.