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20 Funniest Memes About 'The Bachelor' Season 24

Season 24 of The Bachelor kicked off this week with a three-hour premiere and one hell of an emotional roller coaster. Peter Weber finally got to meet the 30 contestants vying for his love, and per usual there were plenty of cheesy gimmicks, tears, wine, and of course, romance.

But nothing, I repeat, nothing was more shocking than when the cameras revealed who the last woman out of the limos was: former Bachelorette Hannah Brown. Like any good Bachelor season, her true intentions were quickly revealed after an emotional re-reunion later in the episode. Because of all the ups and downs in the season so far, Twitter has exploded with hilarious memes week after week.

Here are 20 of our favorite, updated weekly.

1. Hannah was rocking a real smokey eye look.

2. There's always got to be ONE dramatic moment more major than the rest.

3. The end-game theories are already forming.

4. Same energy?

5. Things took quite a turn.

6. So supportive!

7. Was truly shocked at their ages.

8. *Pretends to be shocked.*

9. Didn't seem like a competition after Hannah B. showed up.

10. Give the people what they want!

11. It's all staged, isn't it?

12. The Bachelorette certainly should've ended differently.

13. She disrespected Tyler C. so badly!

14. Cute, I guess...

15. This is already iconic!

16. He made his points!

17. Their conversation was truly going in circles.

18. The cow was without a doubt the cutest.

19. It was honestly an easy feat.

20. Things never go well for that long!

Be sure to keep watching The Bachelor every Monday night on ABC.