VIDEO: Hannah Ann Sluss is Ready to Fight for Her 'Future Husband' Peter Weber in 'The Bachelor' Season 24 Clip

Hannah Ann Sluss, contestant on 'The Bachelor' with Peter Weber
Hannah Ann Sluss, contestant on 'The Bachelor' with Peter Weber | YouTube / The Bachelor

It wouldn’t be a proper season of The Bachelor if there wasn’t at least one brazen young lady that swiftly pisses off the rest of the contestants for being a bit greedy with the man of the hour. In the coming 24th season, we now know that that young lady is Hannah Ann Sluss.

The 23-year-old model rattled some cages in a recently released clip from the upcoming season of the beloved show after she interrupted not one, but two other women’s times with Peter Weber, Entertainment Weekly reports.

In the video below, the Tennessee-native heads to the couch after her time with Pilot Pete to drink wine and wait for the other gals to have their turn, as is expected. However, this didn’t bode well for the feisty brunette who announced that she was “not here to sit on a couch and drink wine” but rather to “really pursue hopefully [her] future husband.”

She first “stole” Peter from a 23-year-old home-care coordinator named Deandra. She told him that she hoped the gesture would show how “bold” she was. When she went back again during 27-year-old Shiann’s turn, Shiann was “too pissed” to keep quiet. She promptly pulled Hannah Ann aside for what is sure to be a heated conversation.

Will Peter find Hannah Ann's forwardness charming, or will he agree with the other ladies that she is doing too much? Watch the three-hour premiere of The Bachelor on Jan. 6 to find out.