20 Funniest 'Bachelor in Paradise' Memes From Season 6 So Far


The sixth season of Bachelor in Paradise has, unsurprisingly, started off with a bang. We've just finished up the second week and we've already had love triangles, fights, breakdowns, and even some vomiting (poor JPJ!). The ladies are up for the rose ceremony next week, and things are getting desperate as the men try their best to win the hearts of...basically whoever's around.

Of course, Twitter has been having a field day with the memes while watching, so here's our favorite 20 so far.

1. What we wouldn't do for some footage from Stagecoach.

2. Blake got himself that reputation right away.

3. Annaliese was not minding her business one bit.

4. She knew exactly what she was doing.

5. Yeah, that didn't go well. Sorry John Paul Jones!

6. She broke out into tears real fast.

7. Did Hannah just totally forget Dylan existed?

8. Let's face itwe're all obsessed.

9. I think everyone in the world knows it by now.

10. One more time for the people in the back!

11. Demi and Derek have established some goals.

12. She's known as the crier now.

13. Are we into it? I just cannot tell.

14. Can we get a spinoff from Demi and Jordan?


16. Same move, much different energy.

17. Clay deserves the world, TBH.

18. Can you imagine? Yeah right, Caelynn.

19. Nicole was clearly not mad about it.

20. Another week? How will we live?