15 Best Gifts for Your 'Office' Obsessed Friends

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If you and your friend group are anything like me, then you've binged The Office more times than you can count. What else hits the spot like some golden Dunder Mifflin comedy? Although the show wrapped back in 2013, it seems to only get more and more popular as the years go on, proving to be one of the greatest of all time.

So if you're looking to get a gift for your friend (or, honestly, just for yourself), an Office-themed present would be ideal. And there's tons of options online. Here are 15 of the best.

1. Kevin’s Famous Chili Socks

Photo from Amazon / Balanced Co.
Photo from Amazon / Balanced Co. /

One of the most iconic openings of the entire show is when Kevin Malone brings in his famous chili for his co-workers, clearly extremely excited to show off his skills in the kitchen. But chaos ensues when he accidentally spills it all on the office floor. These socks? Too perfect. *Buy them here.*

2. Hidden Dwight Pillow Cover

Photo from Amazon / Merrycolor
Photo from Amazon / Merrycolor /

Dwight Schrute crying is an unnerving... and hilarious sight. What better way to surprise a friend than to give them this hidden image pillow cover, which they can uncover again and again? It's guaranteed to provide big laughs. *Buy it here.*

3. A Dundie Award

Photo from Amazon / Off The Show
Photo from Amazon / Off The Show /

A Dundie award is simply the best way to show your appreciation for your friends, as it tells them that you notice all the little (but great) things they do. I wouldn't be surprised if they felt God in a Chili's once they are rewarded with this gift. *Buy it here.*

4. Dwight 'Silence of the Lambs' Keychain

Photo from Amazon / Balanced Co.
Photo from Amazon / Balanced Co. /

"Have the lambs stopped screaming?" If you read that in Dwight Schrute's voice, this is the perfect gift for you. The amazingly creepy scene takes place when Dwight puts a dummy's face over his, and mimics the classic Anthony Hopkins line from The Silence of the Lambs. You're going to need this on your keys ASAP. *Buy it here.*

5. Michael Scott Motivational Poster

Photo from Amazon / Wall Worthy Prints
Photo from Amazon / Wall Worthy Prints /

Michael Scott has some awesome one-liners, but nothing is as wonderfully motivational as him re-quoting Wayne Gretzky as his own personal mantra. This wall art is a no-brainer for any Office fan. *Buy it here.*

6. The Complete Series Box Set

Photo from Amazon
Photo from Amazon /

This might seem like an obvious one, but for your friends who prefer DVD players to Netflix (or don't want to subscribe to Peacock once The Office is off Netflix), a box set will certainly come in handy. Plus, are you really a true fan if you don't own every season? I think not. *Buy it here.*

7. Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica T-Shirt

Photo from Amazon
Photo from Amazon /

If your friends ever have the urge to randomly quote Jim Halpert imitating Dwight Schrute, this t-shirt will be their new favorite. It's simple, to the point, and only fans of The Office will get what it means. Perfect. *Buy it here.*

8. Prison Mike Pin

Photo from Amazon / Balanced Co.
Photo from Amazon / Balanced Co. /

Dementors from Harry Potter are scary, but dementors harassing Prison Mike in The Office? Priceless. This pin will make you or a friend laugh every time you wear it. *Buy it here.*

9. Schrute Farms Sweater

Photo from Amazon / iApparel
Photo from Amazon / iApparel /

Want to rep your favorite vacation spot? Yes, we're 100% talking about Schrute Farms. This awesome sweater will remind everyone of Dwight and Mose's place, all while looking cute to boot. *Buy it here.*

10. Michael vs. Toby Funko POP Dolls

Photo from Amazon / Funko
Photo from Amazon / Funko /

Toby Flenderson and Michael Scott might possibly be the funniest TV duo in history, so why wouldn't you and your friends want this two-character Funko POP set? Just looking at them makes me giggle. *Buy it here.*

11. Michael Scott’s Wedding Gift

Photo from Amazon / My Party Shirt
Photo from Amazon / My Party Shirt /

Michael's wedding gift for Jim and Pam was extremely unexpected and 100% bizarre, making for one of the low-key funniest moments in the show. Want to shock a friend with a gift just like Michael did? This is probably the best way ever. *Buy it here.*

12. 'The Office' Sticker Set

Photo from Amazon / M.owstoni
Photo from Amazon / M.owstoni /

Know someone who loves stickers? Then this is an obvious present to give. The set includes quotes from the show, characters' faces, and hilarious moments. Honestly, everyone needs these in their lives. *Buy the set here.*

13. Dunder Mifflin Blanket

Photo from Amazon / The Office
Photo from Amazon / The Office /

For your pals who love a good cuddle, an Office-themed blanket would be greatly appreciated. This one is straight to the point and reps just about the best fictional company ever. *Buy it here.*

14. “The Hunted” Music Box

Photo from Amazon / PhoenixAppeal
Photo from Amazon / PhoenixAppeal /

You won't have to steal Hunter's CD, The Hunted, with a music box featuring “That One Night.” This legitimately plays the hilarious song from The Office, and would make for the perfectly unexpected gift for a friend. *Buy it here.*

15. “Box Against Office” Game

Photo from Amazon / Lacesi
Photo from Amazon / Lacesi /

If you're planning to have a game night with friends, look no further. You can now play a game of Cards Against Humanity, expect it's The Office version. I can only imagine the amount of laughs and silliness this would create. *Buy it here.*

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